The Slate meets the Tip: an unprecedented 2-in-1!

Download the Configurator to turn your Slate into a Graphic Tablet.
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The Slate handles every stage of the creative process.

1 – Begin outlining your ideas on paper with the Slate in Imagink.

2 – Export your creation to your computer. Can be used with Adobe® Creative Cloud.

3 – Finish your work with Adobe’s creative suite using the Tip (iskn’s stylus) and the Slate in graphic tablet mode. Or use the software of your choice like Gimp, Corel Draw, Paint, Rebelle etc.


Start on paper with your favorite Pencil


Export to your desktop


Finish on Photoshop® with the Tip

Order the Creative Pack for $199

Pack contents:

– 1 Slate + 1 Sleeve
– 1 Ring + 1 Pencil + 1 Pen
– 1 Extra Pack of Rings

Save $19.8 by ordering the Creative Pack!