Our friend Alexis Simon blows our minds away almost everyday with the incredible portraits he creates with the Slate. We have been impressed by his work from his very beginnings with the Slate and interviewed him a few months back. And today, he’s inviting you to discover 6 drawings of his in timelapse videos:

A slippery slope

I really like Mr Robot and I love Rami Malek’s face.

A slippery slope

One of my first tries with the Imagink app. These eyes belong to a Lee Jeffries photograph.


I was inspired by a photo I happened to find.


Robert Ford: a drawing to salute both the writing and the performance. [Westworld]

A glimpse

Simplicity itself, about 20 minutes scribbling on the Slate.

What have I become…

I drew Wolverine trying new things, stronger nuances and a comic book style towards which I am currently leaning.