Dear clients,


First, we would like to thank you for the many Slate orders for Christmas. The simple idea of contributing to the holiday magic and making people happy under the Christmas tree was pure bliss to us.

We have to be honest with you, although we were preparing ourselves for an intense end of year, we were not expecting such effervescence. The volume of orders since the launch of the Slate 2 has constrained us to ship the product by batch according to the date of order. We had to set up a delayed shipping system. And as a result, we our customer service received thousands of emails with various questions and enquiries. 


We are a young and growing team. Our client support includes 3 full time people and due to the huge amount of questions we received, we reinforced the team with the marketing team and part of the technical team. We were all ready and fully dedicated to reducing response times. However, we must admit that lots of tickets got really delayed. In spite of all the additional hours we put in, certain responses simply took too much time to get to you. And we would like to apologize for this.

The client feedback we received was not always easy to hear but it allowed us to learn from our mistakes. After all, that’s what being a startup also means: growing with you! And so, we are implementing new processes everyday to improve your user experience.

  • We are expanding our customer service in order to reply to your questions and requests much faster. In addition, we will have a german-speaking member in our team to respond to our German friends.
  • We are developing clear improvements on our online store to display your order and shipping information in a much clearer way.
  • We are improving our communication system to make sure you have a better follow up of your order once it goes through. 

We hope these measures will let you benefit from the necessary support to fully enjoy your Slate. We are absolutely impatient to discover your beautiful creations and to unveil the things we are preparing for you this year. 


We are incredibly grateful for your feedback and your support. Best wishes to each and everyone. 

the iskn team.