Turn your Slate 2 into a Graphic Tablet to use it with the software of your choice.

Christmas is coming early!????As we promised, today we offer you the possibility to turn your Slate into a Graphic Tablet.

You can now start drawing on Imagink by sketching on paper with your favorite pen or pencil, and then finish your creation on your favorite software: Photoshop®, Sketchbook®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, Rebelle®…
Our new stylus, the Tip, has been specially designed to work with this new feature. It will become a pen, a mouse, a selection tool and so much more!

The Slate handles every stage of the creative process.

  1. Begin outlining your ideas on paper with the Slate in Imagink.

  2. Export your creation to your computer. Can be used with Adobe® Creative Cloud.

  3. Finish your work with Adobe’s creative suite using the Tip (iskn’s stylus) and the Slate in graphic tablet mode. Or use the software of your choice like Gimp, Corel Draw, Paint, Rebelle, etc. 


  • This new feature is available for all Slate 2 users who have installed the latest update.
  • Download and install the configurator on your computer to set up your preferences to use the Slate as a graphic tablet.  Follow the instructions below.


Photoshop® – Illustrator® – InDesign® – Autocad® – Corel Pro® – Sketchbook® – Affinity® – Rebelle®…

The new hybrid dimension of the Slate 2 allows you to combine the pleasure of paper and the possibilities of digital without compromise!
Your pencils and paper drawings remain authentic, while maintaining your computer creative habits on your favorite software. The Slate handles every stage of the creative process.

The only multipurpose tool that’s compatible with all creative types!

Have a Slate 2?

You can now turn your Slate into a Graphic Tablet by downloading the configurator. Follow the instructions given during the installation to ensure the best use.

Don’t have a Slate 2?

It’s time to take the plunge! You will be able to use the Slate to give a digital existence to your creations on paper and finish your drawings on the software of your choice.

The Christmas Pack is still available!

The Christmas Pack offers you the Slate and all the necessary accessories to use the slate in best conditions. This is the only pack containing the stylus (the Tip) which allows you to use the Graphic Tablet mode!


LIMITED OFFER until December 20th 2016 (While supplies last)
Shipping Guaranteed before Christmas

Save $24.70

Christmas Pack content:
  • 1 Pack Slate Essentiel: 1 Slate + 1 Ring + 1 Pen + 1 Pencil + 2 Clips + Sketchpad
  • 1 pack Ring
  • 1 Sleeve
  • 1 pack Pen
  • 1 pack the Tip
  • 1 Pack Clips