We are delighted to present our latest illustrated collaboration with the Parisian blogger Audrey Kazadi from the blog La Beauté Parisienne. We met her last summer at a press event and she completely fell for the Slate! Fan of fashion designs and rebuilding her blog, we decided to collaborate to create her new avatar with the Slate and offer an elegant autumn wallpaper for your smartphone.


This is how I used our new Slate to make a new sketch to represent Audrey on her new site. I used two of my favorite brushes on Imagink to bring Audrey’s new avatar to life: the colored pencil and the pen. The cherry on top of the cake? With the flagship feature of our application, we can show you a timelapse of the drawing from the first stroke to the last – which Audrey’s Instagram community absolutely loved.

How did you discover the Slate and what was your first impression?

I am very sensitive to the creative arts and when I saw the Slate for the first time, I found that it was an exceptional digital object! Making crayons, drawings, illustrations with real-time rendering is really a great innovation! The tablet looks simple to handle. Creativity has no limits with the Slate.


Why did you want to have an illustrated avatar ?

In 2014, I launched my official Parisian avatar and a fictional character called “Atomic Beauty”. “Atomic Beauty” is a super hero with a unique gift to solve all the beauty problems women face. My avatar is that part of me. Declined on all my communication supports, it represents me in all points. She is 100% Parisian, smiling, fun. Since I am recreating my visual identity for 2017, which will come with a new site, I wanted to revive the look of my alias. So to mark the occasion for the 4 year anniversary of my blog in January, I gave birth to a “new Audrey”!

Tell us about yourself and your blog.

My name is Audrey, I am 27 years old and I have been living in Paris for 4 years. In January 2013, I decided to create my blog “La beauté selon une Parisienne”. This site reflects my world as a young urban and dynamic girl, an unconditional fan of beauty who loves to find new concepts. I reveal my shopping desires of the moment, I decipher the current trends but most of all, I love to deliver some wellness tips to my readers. This is how my feminine cocoon 2.0 was formed day after day.

“The Slate represents the future for illustrators and designers, an image of modernity that I wanted to associate with my blog. Evolving with technology is very important in digital. For the “new me”, I naturally gravitated towards the Slate as it was obvious it could bring a touch more. A new breath to ‘La beauté selon une Parisienne’! “

Download the autumn wallpaper


For the occasion, I also created a smartphone wallpaper [ Download here] for Audrey’s readers – all made with Slate of course. I drew an autumn leaf with the Slate using a normal ballpoint pen and then made the composition and the editing on Photoshop using the Slate’s Graphic Tablet Mode – the new feature we are releasing December 1st 2016!