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    Halloween Drawing Guide: how to draw spooky creations

    Halloween Drawing Guide: how to draw spooky creations

    How to make great Halloween drawings ?

    Halloween is a time for costumes, trick-or-treating, and spooky fun. Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, creating Halloween-themed drawings can be an enjoyable way to get into the holiday spirit. In this guide, we will explore some popular Halloween items and provide step-by-step instructions for drawing them. Get ready to unleash your inner ghoul and create some hauntingly good art using your Repaper graphic tab !

    How to draw Jack-O'-Lantern ?

    Begin by sketching a circle or an oval shape for the pumpkin body. Add a stem at the top by drawing a slightly curved rectangle. Next, give your pumpkin some personality by drawing triangular eyes and a mouth with jagged teeth. To add depth, use shading techniques to highlight areas where light would hit the pumpkin and darken the areas in shadow. Finally, include curved lines on the surface of the pumpkin to represent its natural ridges.

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    The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet

    How to draw a ghost ?

    Start by drawing an elongated, curved shape resembling a teardrop. This will be the body of your ghost. Add two oval or circular eyes and a round or oval-shaped mouth. You can make your ghost look friendly or scary by adjusting the shape and size of the eyes and mouth. To give your ghost a sense of movement, add wavy lines at the bottom and sides of the body. For a more detailed drawing, include shading and highlights to create a 3D effect.

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    Drawing made by @MURPHYS_SKETCHES

    How to draw a haunted house ?

    Begin by sketching a basic house shape, which includes a rectangle for the main body and a triangle for the roof. Add windows and doors in various shapes and sizes, making them look aged and broken for added creepiness. Include a chimney and additional architectural details, such as shutters or a porch. To make your house haunted, add spooky elements like cobwebs, boarded-up windows, and eerie shadows. Surround the house with trees, fences, and gravestones to create a chilling atmosphere. Use shading techniques to create depth and shadows, making the scene appear more realistic and spooky.

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    Drawing made by @STUDIO.NOTAGRAPHE

    How to draw a witch ?

    Start by drawing a circle for the witch's head and an oval for her body. Add her limbs using simple shapes, like rectangles for arms and legs. Sketch a pointy hat on her head and long, flowing hair that frames her face. Draw facial features, such as a hooked nose, pointy chin, and a wicked smile. Dress your witch in a long, flowing dress or robe, and complete the outfit with pointy shoes or boots. Don't forget her broomstick and a black cat or other familiar to accompany her. Add shading and highlights to make your witch look more three-dimensional.

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    Drawing made by @maleficacrafts

    How to draw a skeleton ?

    Begin by drawing a simple stick figure to establish the basic structure and proportions of your skeleton. Next, sketch the skull using an oval shape with hollow, darkened eye sockets and a grinning mouth full of teeth. Add details to the stick figure, such as the ribcage, spine, and pelvic bones. Replace the stick limbs with more detailed bone shapes, including finger and toe bones. Use shading techniques to add depth and realism to your skeleton.

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    Drawing made by @gautierfilliard

    How to draw a vampire ?

    Draw an oval for the vampire's face, with pointy ears and a widow's peak hairstyle. Sketch the eyes, nose, and mouth, making sure to add elongated canine teeth for the vampire's signature fangs. Create an elegant outfit, which may include a cape, high-collared shirt, and suit. You can also add a bat or a coffin to the scene as a background element. Use shading and highlights to create depth and make your vampire look more realistic.

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    Drawing made by @lucieschrimpf

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