Get into creative businesses.

It is important to realize that choosing a creative profession is first and foremost choosing a profession that you are passionate about. Even if some will tell you that these professions are not a real job, because from the outside, it can give the impression of having fun, this is not the case, and there is a whole range of jobs, whose work is omnipresent in our daily lives. Whether it's in graphic communication with the job of graphic designer, DTP designer, or even creative or artistic director, in entertainment with comics, video games, movies, animated films and shows, or in fashion with jobs as stylist or model maker, if you have a creative spirit, you're bound to find something to suit you and make your working hours a fun time, far from the so-called "traditional" jobs that do not suit you.

Creative professions are increasingly linked to digital technology

Recurring tools, whatever the selected profession.

With technological innovations, digital technology has become more and more embedded in creative professions. They allow a new way of work, and give access to new forms of art. DTP, drawing or design softwares, such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, or MAO (computer assisted music) softwares such as Ableton, have thus become essential, and it is necessary to master them to work in a professional way with your counterparts. They can be found in particular in the fields of drawing and communication, and obviously in those of digital creation. However, they often go against the basic learning of different artistic forms, such as music or drawing for example, and many people feel helpless in front of the complexity of using these digital tools, even for the most experienced in the creative field.

The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet

That's why, more and more, we see appearing peripherals allowing to work with digital tools, with the same sensations of more traditional tools. This is particularly the case in drawing, with certain graphic tablets, like the ISKN Repaper, which allow you to work directly on a sheet of paper, placed on the drawing tablet, and your favorite pencil, with a magnetic ring, placed around it, which reproduces the movements and the inclination of the pen during its use. Thus, no more problems of hand-eye coordination between the work surface and the screen. Drawing becomes very natural, and the work done is usable on any graphic software. We also notice in a general way, that the drawing software or those of the musical domain, try to provide an interface more and more intuitive, so that everyone can work in a professional way, while keeping the playful side, cherished by creatives.

Working in the illustration field.

The field of drawing is vast, but whatever the chosen career, it requires great creative power. For example, the profession of comic book artist is the most typical in this field of expertise. However, one quickly forgets other occupations such as illustrator, which consists of graphically translating ideas or texts, by creating from A to Z the graphic elements allowing to emphasize them. Other more specific jobs such as colorist or press illustrator can also allow you to develop your skills in the field of drawing. To exercise these jobs, a baccalaureate level in plastic arts or applied arts, artistic studies at the École des Beaux-Arts, or other art schools can be a plus, but they are not absolutely necessary. The important thing is to work on your graphic style in order to stand out and to create illustrations that will attract the eye of your potential clients or future employers.

Opting for communication.

Visual communication is undoubtedly the field offering most opportunities for people wishing to exercise a creative profession. Indeed, every company today wants to create communication materials, such as posters, logos, campaigns and communication programs ... and create a strong visual identity around their brand in order to stand out in a competition increasingly fierce with globalization. There are several occupations in the communication field, especially in the field of visual creation and graphic design. Those who are more interested in graphics can become graphic designers, and turn to the creation of visuals. Literary people will appreciate the positions of storyteller, to tell and imagine a story around a brand, or of a copywriter to create content around a product. Eventually, all these jobs can lead to the job of art director. Whether it is for a specific product or for a brand, his or her role will be to validate the proposals of his or her co-workers, in order to create a genuine identity, both graphic and historical, for the brand. If some companies have their own dedicated communication department, when you choose this path, you will have a great chance of being hired in an advertising or graphic design agency in order to respond to various and varied assignments. To do this, a specific curriculum such as a BTS in graphic design, graphic design studies or a BTS in communication, among others, will be necessary to be comfortable with the different digital tools, essential to these jobs, in order to be able to practice them.

Multimedia jobs.

If we had to choose the domain where creative jobs are definitely related to digital, we would definitely choose multimedia jobs. Omnipresent in everyday life, multimedia content is widely used, whether to communicate, inform or entertain. There is a plethora of various jobs in this field. From web designer who creates visual identities and graphic content for websites, to multimedia designer who will assist in the creation of multimedia content by mixing sounds, images and texts in order to form a coherent unity, to video editor who will skilfully assemble digital media rushes (sounds and images) to create entertaining films, a large number of professions, each as different as the others, are available to you. We could also mention the world of video games, where once again, all types of creative professions can be found in specialized studios. There is the graphic designer who will draw the characters of your favorite video games, the animator who will put in motion all the sketches of the storyboard, the storyteller who will create the story, or the art director and the developer who will respectively allow all the elements provided to form a coherent ensemble to come to life. Obviously, specific studies are essential once gain to master the necessary tools to perform the tasks of these creative professions.

Creation at the service of everyday life.

Create and imagine clothes.

We often forget about it, but the clothes we wear are inevitably created and imagined by one or several thinking heads. Thus, the stylist profession is not only dedicated to haute couture or to independents wishing to sell their creations. You can also find it in large ready-to-wear companies, which can bring you more job opportunities, and allow you to evolve in the apparel creative field. Despite this, the opportunities are still few and far between, and it is essential to follow dedicated training courses to hope to have a chance of joining this industry. Many BTS in fashion, professional licenses in the field of fashion design, or masters in dedicated schools, exist to qualify to become a stylist, a model maker or even an artistic director in the fashion world.

Rethinking architecture and buildings.

Creation can be seen everywhere in our cities and villages. Whether for buildings or urban furniture, the architect's job requires an important creative part. He/she must, while respecting all necessary safety standards, imagine and create from A to Z the shape of buildings and urban objects, which will be visible and used by all of us. This requires the ability to create furniture that will please the greatest number of people, while being innovative to stand out, or on the contrary, to integrate in a modern way with what already exists. If the job of interior architect is available from the baccalaureate +2, to become a building architect, it will be necessary to study longer, a minimum of baccalaureate +5, and additional years for people wishing to work as freelancers.

Designing everyday objects.

When we imagine an object, we must be able to make it stand out from its competitors, and make sure that it can stand out in an aisle to sell more easily. It must also have a perfect ergonomics so that it can be easily used by the greatest number. In order to achieve these prerogatives, it requires important technical skills, and it is at this moment that the profession of product designer comes into play. The designer will imagine the graphic design of the object so that it meets all the elements of the specifications. He or she can also create the graphic design of the packaging. The containers and packaging of products are real communication tools for their promotion. The product designer will then have to redouble creativity to succeed in attracting the eye of the customer, while keeping the practical side for the shipping and the use of the objects.

The entertainment industry: sheer creativity.

To go on stage.

We can't talk about creative activities without mentioning the performing artists' jobs. To become a singer, dancer, actor… does not necessarily require to enter specific schools, even if some of them, like theater schools or conservatory, can bring a real plus to improve one's skills. It is a difficult path to make a living out of it, and making the stage your profession, while being in the spotlight, is a daily struggle and requires 100% commitment to succeed. But as we will see below, there are many alternatives to work in the entertainment industry, in order to improve one's chances of making a living from it.

Working in the shadow.

If becoming an artist on the front stage is very complicated, it is possible to find a creative job, related to the show, which allows to live more peacefully. For musicians, there are jobs in advertising, communication or sound design, which allow them to create music for various media. The work of a studio musician can also be requested in order to set to music the compositions of other people who already made it in the field. Actors and dancers or people who are passionate about video and film can also find work in television or advertising. Finally, there are all the jobs related to the show business, such as sound or light manager, production manager, ticketing manager, or administration manager, which, although they offer more technical than creative missions, allow you to work in connection with the creative field and to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when a show is performed.

Many domains, but always one single approach.

As we have seen, there are many creative professions, all different from each other, but the approach remains the same for all of them: succeed in making a living from your passion, or at least, get as close to it as possible in order to let your creativity shine on every working day. According to your passion, find the corresponding jobs, and make your choice to make your professional life a fun and enjoyable moment of every moment.

The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet
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