A Mango Editions x Repaper

To succeed, nothing beats a live demonstration!

Step by step each model is completely redesigned in front of your eyes.

Lise Herzog and Mango Editions used the Repaper tablet for the demonstrations. The artist's hand being invisible, no drawing area is masked during execution. It is thus possible to follow the line progress and understand how to progress from the sketch to the final drawing.

Guaranteed result!

Mango is a publisher of practical books in tune with the times, written and illustrated by professionals who put their knowledge, whether technical or theoretical, at the fingertips of their readers. Practical books to learn how to draw, paint and let your creativity shine.

The models for these 3 books are taken from : "365 days of drawing" and "Le dessin facile", Lise Herzog's best-seller. Presented as sketches in the original book, they are here finalized and doubled by a precious addition: the video.

Books available in French.

Lise Herzog graduated from the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts School in 1999. She lived in Strasbourg for a long time, and now lives in Paris. As an illustrator, she has notably worked for Nathan, Milan, La Martinière Jeunesse and Ouest France publishers. Noticed for her travel diaries, she regularly collaborates with the educational services of various museums in Strasbourg.

All her works
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