We are committed to our planet

iskn is committed to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. Our current strategy is to minimize our environmental footprint.

iskn unites with ecologi

We are partnering with Ecologi to finance the planting of trees and help secure the future of our planet. For each product purchased on the iskn.co website, a tree is being planted!

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We are giving a second life to your products

We are testing and refurbishing Repaper tablets and accessories returned by our customers. By doing so, we guarantee the original performance of the products while extending their life span by regularly offering attractive deals to our customers.

"As a technology company, we are committed to environmental protection. Our products, our recycling activities and our design processes are designed to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. iskn is committed to achieving its sustainable development goals on a daily basis."

Jean-Luc Vallejo
CEO, iskn

We recycle old generation products

The Slate (products sold frome 2014 to 2019)

Collection of old and unused products

The recycling of components for new productions

We design sustainable products…

...that are intended to be used over one or more decades

Low carbon footprint, no battery, easy to recycle, easy to reuse... iskn teams have created passive digital writing tools (mechanical pencils, pens, ...) respectful of the environment, and this, all along the product life cycle: from eco-design to recycling.

Recyclable part A magnet (reusable)
And that's it…

We share these same values with our partner

We are proud to collaborate with

Faber-Castell is a pioneer in its industry when it comes to environmentally friendly production methods. We therefore share the same values when it comes to the preservation of the environment.

Faber-Castell's forests absorb more than 900,000 tons of CO2 and neutralize the emissions of its production sites through reforestation programs.

Reduction of plastics or substitution with recycled materials.

Faber-Castell achieves 82% of its global energy demand from renewable energy sources

What’s next?

Our ambitions


Contribute to reforastation


Manufacture locally to reduce the impact of product transportation. To design 100% recyclable products from a 100% recycled source. Initiate the design of products with a lifetime guarantee. Outsource the distribution of our products to partners who use soft mobility.


Set up a local collection and recycling loop. Outsource manufacturing and recycling to partners who use low-carbon energy.


Becoming a carbon neutral company.

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