Keep your remote lessons alive with a tablet for teachers

Repaper, the original true pen & pencil on paper drawing pad

« Repaper allows me to replace the whiteboard, and share my handwriting instantly to my students »

Elsa C. teacher of civilization & ancient literature

A tab made for teachers, not tech addicts

Repaper drawing tablet gives you the spontaneous experience of your classroom whiteboard. Simply draw figures, ideas, mark up your sketches… with your favorite pens, pencils on papers.
Unlike graphics tablets, Repaper provides direct hand-eye coordination. No need to look at your screen, your pencil on paper handwriting will be captured digitally.

Capture & stimulate student attention

Just like with a classroom whiteboard, handwritten notes & sketches on Repaper will illustrate explanations and lessons in real time. This will greatly facilitate students' comprehension.
Teachers using Repaper on nearly all common whiteboarding & videoconferencing plateforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype… told us that the Repaper drawing tablet experience is highly appreciated by their students.

« It has been a huge time saver for me, and my students understand more easily »

Remi H., professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble

How does it work?


Slip on Repaper Ring™ onto your favorite pencil


Attach any sheet of paper to Repaper


Start writing, your creation will come to life on screen


Real time remote collaboration. Works with all video conferencing platforms.

Repaper, your day-to-day teaching companion

A useful tablet for remote, hybrid & classroom teaching

Remote teaching

Hybrid teaching


The tablet that facilitates teachers' key duties

Prepare lesson plans, assign homework, conduct interactive courses, grade tests...

Your classroom whiteboard at home

Repaper can be used on your preferred video-conferencing platform with your computer, your smartphone or tablet via the screen sharing functionality. The Repaper Studio App provides a qualitative and easy-to-use drawing environment.

You can also use PC/Mac integrated whiteboard applications: Google Jamboard, Microsoft Whiteboard (Teams), Zoom whiteboard...

Video conferencing

Make your slides vibrant

Annotate slides in real time. Repaper drawing pad allows you to write, sketch and draw on your favorite presentation softwares such as Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides thanks to the Kami extension…


Create animated video lessons

Microsoft Powerpoint now allows you to record your lessons including your slides, your voice, face and handwritten notes you’ve made with your Repaper.​
You can also use the free Repaper Studio MP4 video export feature to easily create, distribute & archive whiteboard animated videos.

MP4 export

Make your digital copy correction ​ as simple as with pen and paper.

Don’t waste time & energy when annotating digital copies (pdf, .doc…). With your Repaper drawing pad, you'll retrieve the comfort of handwritten pen and paper corrections.​
Add comments, underline, grade tests using Microsoft Word's integrated features, the Kami extension for Google suites, or any Pdf annotion software such as Drawboard.

Word processing
PDF document

Your favorite pen & pencil

no compromise

Repaper Ring

Real pencil on paper, no mimicking

Writing on real paper with a real pen shortens your learning curve. Installation and setup are plug & play.

Affordable, no hidden costs

Beyond its attractive cost, Repaper transforms any TV or video projector into an interactive screen. You won’t need special papers, costly electronic pen input devices…

Never hide the essential

Unlike visualizers or tablets, never hide your face handwriting thanks to the Repaper drawing pad.​
Your hand will never obstruct what students see on screen.

Repaper, future proof drawing tablet

Pen & paper

The only drawing tablet using real pen, pencils on any papers

Pressure Sensitivity

State of the art pressure sensitivity – up to 8 192 pressure levels

High accuracy

Your handwriting is accurately transcribed, thanks to 0,2mm of precision

Real time

Perfect eye-hand coordination without any lag (10ms)

Unique pen hovering

Unique pen hovering performance –up to 7cm above the tablet

Your favorite papers

no compromise

Your free drawing tablet app

Repaper Studio

A ready-to-use whiteboard with the features you need within a realistic inspiring environment

  • An eye-catching 3D pen​
  • Realistic pens & pencils renderings​
  • Layer managment​
  • 5 different brushes to sketch, write, underline, annotate...​

A graphic tablet mode

Usable with pens & pencils on paper, which open up your preferred education suites - Google, Microsoft, Apple… & applications - Kami…

An optimal experience thanks to firmware updates

The iskn team is constantly working to optimize the Repaper performance, according to your needs. Our regular updates allow you to benefit from the very latest innovations. No need to buy a new product!

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