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Since the launch of the Slate in 2015 and Repaper in 2019, iskn has regularly renewed the themes of its advertising campaigns for digital media. Our bias has consistently been to showcase inspired and inspiring campaigns that highlight the unique combination of paper and pencil and digital enabled by our technology. Rather than overlooking these campaigns, we wanted to immortalize them on this page in ante-chronological form.

Julie's creative adventures [EPISODE 3 - The cookbook]

For this 3rd and last episode of Julie's creative adventures, we are watching the development of a new project by the young woman. In this episode, Julie finds her inspiration in the theme of cooking. Her goal: to create the cover of her own cookbook. After creating the drawings of the vegetables she wants to feature on her book with the Repaper graphic tablet, she adds color and then prints the final design on her book. See the result on video!

Julie's creative adventures [EPISODE 2 - Christmas gift paper]

In this second episode of Julie's creative adventures, we find the young woman, always very inspired. She now wants to create her own gift wrap with the design of her dreams. She instinctively turns to her Repaper tablet to get her inspiration. Once sketched, it's time for her to color the floral design. She then switches to graphics tablet mode and grabs her Repaper Stylus. On her favorite editing software, she colors and finalizes her creation to then get it printed. She will use her gift wrap on Christmas Eve to wrap her gifts.

Julie's creative adventures [EPISODE 1 - The lamp]

In Julie's adventures, we follow the life of a young woman full of energy, seeking to push the limits of creation with her Repaper graphic tablet. Through a "flashback" story telling, this film presents all the steps that allowed her to create a stylish and extremely original lamp. Inspiration, first sketches, adding the final touches and colors, final adjustments and finishing touches ... and wow! Julie's lamp is finally born.

Capture your inspiration, anywhere, anytime

This first campaign for the new iskn Repaper graphics tablet is called "capture your imagination". It is characterized by a lively soundtrack and various creative projects that visually punctuate its progress. We can thus follow the project of an experienced architect, supported by his Repaper in the creation of the first sketches of a bridge, then that of a young woman who seeks inspiration in nature to expand her range of jewelry. Whether it's the no-screen mode or the graphic tablet mode... all the unique features offered by Repaper are featured in this video.

2019 Release of
Discover the Slate 2+

This video takes us on a journey with its rhythmic soundtrack and animal drawings. The artist stages the drawing of a lion's face. From his first stroke on his Slate 2+ graphics tablet, the drawings come to life in the room he is in. His creativity and ideas mingle with his surroundings. He eventually saves his drawing and uses Repaper Studio's Time Lapse feature to review the step-by-step of his creation.

2017 Release of
the Slate 2+
The Slate, and the magic happens

Created in 2016, this video focuses on the 5 senses. An artist starts by drawing a vinyl record on his Slate to then introduce the sense of hearing, then the sense of smell, taste and sight with other drawings... But for the artists what is most important is the sense of touch. The pleasure of the pencil gliding over the paper. The Slate graphics tablet allows artists to draw with a real pencil and paper, without altering this precious sense.

2016 Release of
the Slate 2
The pen of the future

This video takes us back in time to present the very first product of iskn: the Slate graphic tablet. We go back to prehistoric times when humans wrote with stones, then we jump to the 6th century with brush writing. We end up admiring the drawing of a pen dipped in ink. The "pen of the future" is nothing more or less than a normal pen, but thanks to the unique technology developed by iskn, every pen can become a pen of the future. Find out how in this amazing video.

2015 Release of
the Slate
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