A dedicated application

Repaper Studio, the digital drawing app

Take the Repaper Studio application everywhere to bring your ideas to life. Layer management, use of various brushes (pen, pencil, felt pen, reed pen, etc.), image import, export to JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and MP4 (video) formats, and sharing on social networks.

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Multiple Brushes
Wedge nib felt pen

Each can be configured: thickness, opacity, line smoothing, colors from the RGB palette or eyedropper tool.

Layers management

From sketch to final version, break down your work and create up to 10 layers in Repaper Studio. Organize and manage multiple layers, group them, rename them. Or change the overlay or opacity and hide layers.

Image upload

Upload images or photos (JPEG, PNG) and enhance them into Repaper Studio. Annotate, rotate, resize or hide images using layers.

Export & share

For more features, export creations to other softwares in JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG, and even MP4 (video). Share creations quickly via e-mail, message, stories, or to all your communities on social networks.

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Your creation in video format

With Repaper Studio app, watch and share the time-lapse video of your creation (MP4). Get a detailed step-by-step, extend or shorten the duration of the video and share it with your friends in one click.

Your remote collaboration and teaching whiteboard

Wherever and whenever you want, use the screen sharing feature of your video conferencing solution on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Intuitive and easy to use, Repaper Studio enhances your illustrations, diagrams and creations. Take advantage of your pencil’s « digital twin » on screen, to point, illustrate or guide your audience's gaze.
The use of layers will also allow you to describe and describe your drawing, step by step."

It is also a graphic tablet

Fans of digital media can use it in graphic tablet mode. With Repaper Stylus (included), edit and enhance your creations with your favorite software, on your PC or Mac.

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