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Repaper is the only digital drawing tablet that brings your paper and pencil creations to life.
Take your favorite pencil, slide on the Repaper Ring™, attach a sheet of paper to Repaper, and off you go.

A Faber-Castell limited edition.

Minimum requirements:
Desktop : Mac OSX 10.11 - PC Windows 10
Tablet : iPad Air (1st gen.), iPad mini (4th gen.), iPad (4th gen.), iPad Pro (1st gen.) - Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0
Smartphone : iPhone 6 - Android 7.0 - Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0

278 x 198 x 9mm
Active area & paper size: A5 (210 x 148mm) / half letter (8.5 x 5.5)
8192 active surface pressure levels for all Repaper Ring compatible implements (size S & M)

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Pre-order : delivery from november 22.

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What’s in the box?

1 Repaper
1 Repaper Stylus
1 Faber Castell Pencil
1 Pack Repaper Ring™
1 Repaper Ring™
2 Repaper Clips
1 Repaper USB Cable
1 Repaper Notebook
1 Sleeve

A custom app

Repaper Studio

Imagink becomes Repaper Studio, the drawing application compatible with Repaper and The Slate.

Take the Repaper Studio application everywhere to bring your ideas to life. Layer management, use of various brushes (pen, pencil, felt pen, reed pen, etc.), image import, export to JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and MP4 (video) formats, and sharing on social networks.

Why Repaper

Your favorite tools
Accurate lines
Time-lapse video
Mobile compatibility
Graphic Tablet

Slide Repaper Ring™ onto your favorite pencil. Attach a sheet of your favorite paper to Repaper. Download the Repaper Studio application and start drawing. Your creations comes to life on screen, instantly.

Be free to express your personality and your style however you like. Augmented Interaction™ technology digitally and accurately transcribes your drawings using 8,192 pressure levels. Apply pressure to your pencil point to thicken or darken your pencil strokes.

The Repaper Studio app systematically records the step-by-step progress of your creations. Whether it's a sketch on the fly, a sudden inspiration or a technical drawing, share your creations as time-lapse videos (on e-mail, social networks, sharing applications, etc.)

Create on the fly, wherever you are. Repaper can be used on smartphones, tablets (Bluetooth®), PC or Mac. With Repaper's "no screen" mode, it can also be used independently running on battery (up to 6 hours of use) and its integrated memory. Then import and view your creations on the device of your choice.

Turn Repaper into a real graphic tablet connected to your Mac or PC. With Repaper Stylus (included), edit and enhance your creations using your favorite software.

Technical specifications

Dimensions and weight

Width : 198 mm
Height: 278 mm
Thickness: 9 mm
Weight: 462 g

Pressure sensitivity
(8192 levels)

Incline detection (20°)

Wired and wireless connectivity (BLE 5.0)

Battery life (up to 6 hours)

4MB internal memory (SD card port 32GB)

Configurable buttons (dec. 2019)

Graphic tablet (stylus included)


Multi-paper (A5)

Multi-pencils (S & M)

Multi devices

Layer management

Customisable brushes

RGB color palette

Import images


Time-lapse video conversion

Social network sharing

Minimum requirements

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Repaper pre-order

You get early access to Repaper (sold 249€) with a free Repaper Ring™ and The Sleeve. Be the first the get our brand new limited edition with Faber-Castell!
Early delivery of the Repaper Pre-order Pack will start from November 18, 2019. Repaper warranty lasts for 2 years. Your warranty period begins on the date on which your Repaper is shipped.

How it works ?

Repaper is a tablet that preserves the unique natural feeling of pencil and paper while enjoying the unlimited possibilities of digital technology. Repaper and Repaper Ring are two inseparable playmates/companions ! One cannot go without the other !

Which devices are compatible with the iskn tablet ?

Repaper is compatible with the devices PC Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones.


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