iskn: Happy 6th birthday! 🎉

Our opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU and also that we love you ❤️

A look back at our highlights and our key dates over the last 6 years... which have brought us to where we are today.
May the adventure continue into the future, exhilarating and invigorating, exciting and motivating, trying to change the world (just a little) in our own way.

Successful crowdfunding operation: proof of concept
September 2013: launch of a Kickstarter project called iSketchnote (hence the name iskn).
Nearly €350,000 raised in 30 days with 2,500 backers all around the world!

January: took part in our 1st CES in Las Vegas
14 February: from crowdfunding to start-up > creation of iskn SAS
November: first funding round (1.5 million)

October 2015: launch of the Slate (Color and Black editions subsequently)

October 2016: launch of Slate 2!

September 2017: launch of the Slate 2+ with a great beginning, going on sale at the MoMA Design Stores in NYC ❤️

January: 40 employees joined iskn
June: second funding round with 10.5 million!

November 2019: Launch of Repaper limited edition with Faber-Castell and tori™ in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment 👊

2020: The year we come of age!

Working hand in hand with our partners (Faber-Castell and Bandai Namco Entertainment), showcasing our artists even more, engaging and building loyalty in our communities, increasing our physical points of sale around the world, setting up new artistic partnerships... and many other great projects.

What's next? 2021, 2022, 2023…

There are no limits, only plans and projects to keep us always moving forward, persevering and contributing however we can to the world of tomorrow.
We're counting on you to continue to follow us and to support us. We'll keep on loving you! 😉