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The pen-and-paper lovers who adopted the Slate

Slaters around the world

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Ambroise & Victor

Illustration duo

The Slate represents the ideal combination between traditional and digital tools for Ambroise and Victor. It enables them to explore various creative possibilities to elaborate their animal creations.

“It completely fits our vision of creation! The Slate is completely relevant as it can allow us to test and export through various formats.”

Tommy Redolfi

Comics Artist

Tommy adopted the Slate from the very first model and fell in love with the use of pencil with the Slate as well as its rendering on Imagink.

“The Slate’s biggest asset is its mobility. Then I would say the Replay and animation feature: a simple sheet of paper doesn’t have that!”

Mademoiselle Zim


Illustrator and comic book author, Mademoiselle Zim loves the hybrid feature of the Slate: from paper to coloring on Photoshop!

“The first time I used Imagink I thought “Wow the interface is so beautiful! As for the graphic tablet mode, I love using it because my favorite software is Photoshop. I feel more comfortable than ever, being able to finish up my drawing with my old habits.”

Give life to your drawings

With the Slate


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What do they think about the Slate?

I can edit a project a lot faster while keeping this "sketch" style I love. The Slate is a wonderful tool that allows me to save a lot of time when producing logos and small format visuals.

Toma GachetSéez, FRANCE

The Slate helps me digitize my work in a much easier way by creating a more authentic creative environment. I also appreciate that I get to document my every step and share it with my followers. The experience just gets elevated.

Jessica LinNew York City, USA

The Slate is really light and will fit in any bag, which is extremely practical. On a graphic tablet, you need a whole setup whereas with the Slate you don’t need a screen or lots of space. And it's really easy to use!

Alexis SimonMulhouse, FRANCE
The Slate Squad is our ambassador program uniting a collective of Slate artists around the world. Each of them loves to unveil their use of the Slate through their creations, projects and jobs!
Street Artist
New York City, USA

The Slate by the illustrator ZEP

The famous Zep is not only a talented comic book artist known for the irreplaceable Titeuf. But his passion for music often comes back in his artistic endeavours. For instance he created a series of portraits with the Slate to give life to the music video Losing My Religion using the timelapse of each drawing from our drawing app Imagink.

Give life to your paper creations with the Slate!

Give life to your drawings

With the Slate