As you may have seen, a brand new accessory has made its way to our online store! It is called the Tip and is none other than the new iskn stylus. It can be used for the graphic tablet mode or for coloring purposes on Imagink.

Inspired by the iskn Pen, we designed the Tip with a unique material and an ergonomic design to offer the same sensations as a pencil gliding over a piece of paper. Let’s take a closer look at 2 ways you can use this new tool!

2 possible uses with the Tip :

The Slate 2 graphic tablet mode
Coloring on Imagink

1. The Graphic Tablet mode


The Slate 2 had a major evolution early December with a brand new feature: the Graphic Tablet Mode. It allows you to use the Slate 2 with any drawing software like Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Autosketch®, Rebelle®… To do so, you will need the stylus: the Tip. It will become your pen, your mouse, your eraser, your selection tool and so much more!

Just like Laura in the film below, you will be able to make sketches and outlines on the Slate with Imagink using your pencil or pen. Then you will be able to finish your creations on your preferred software to benefit from the possibilities of certain tools and to keep your work habits on your computer.


2. Coloring on Imagink 


For pen and pencil lovers the Slate is ideal to sketch directly on paper. It offers the natural sensations of drawing on paper and real time visual feedback on the app Imagink giving life to your drawing. If you wish to color your work exclusively on the digital version, you can now use the Tip on the Slate 1 or the Slate 2. You therefore keep a copy of your paper sketch and benefit from the possibilities of digital to enhance your creation.

Just like in the video below, you can create patterns with a black pen on the Slate with a simple piece of paper, and then use the Tip to color on a layer underneath. As simple as this! Take a look: