Mountain vibes today with our illustrator friend Toma Gachet !


We have known Toma for quite some time. Remember, he was drawing postcards on one of our first videos! Still a big fan of the screenless mode, he walks around the streets of Grenoble (France) with the Slate 2 in this new film to create observation sketches. Once in a warm and cosy coffee shop, he takes his iPad out and imports his drawing to finish it using the airbrush tool. A few clicks later, and the mountain illustration pops up on his Instagram to inspire his community!

You will notice him using the Tip, the stylus we created for coloring purposes on Imagink and the Graphic Tablet Mode (available early December).

Would you like to learn more about Toma’s illustration work? Good. His interview will arrive soon on the blog!

The Slate and its accessories are available on the store: