Repaper, the drawing tablet that inspires artists

The simplicity of pencil and paper. The power of a graphic tablet.

How does it work?

1 Slip Repaper Ring on your favorite pencil
2 Attach any sheet of paper to Repaper
3 Start drawing, your creation will come to life on screen
Compatible with
macOS 10.12 min.
iOS 11 min.
Windows 10 min.
Android 7.0 min.

Create without limits

With your favorite pencil

Use an old pen, a chewed-up pencil or your best mechanical pencil. Slip Repaper Ring on it. Your pencil is ready to be used with Repaper.

Repaper Ring
With the first ever « digital » clutch pencil
An iskn x Faber-Castell collaboration
On the paper of your choice

Draw, pencil, sketch just like you always have. The paper could be rice paper, Bristol board, kraft... Simply attach a single sheet of A5 paper (8.5" x 5.5" half letter size, up to 180 g/m² or 110.5 lb) and the magic can begin.

With the Faber-Castell Repaper tablet

Repaper is an intelligent digital surface. With its pressure sensitivity, it can accurately reproduce your pencil stroke.

A dedicated digital drawing application

Repaper Studio


Use the Repaper Studio application everywhere to bring your ideas to life. Layer management, use of various brushes (pen, pencil, felt pen, reed pen, etc.), image import, export to JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and MP4 (video) formats, and sharing on social networks.

Compatible with
macOS 10.12 min.
iOS 11 min.
Windows 10 min.
Android 7.0 min.

Wherever & whenever you want
Even without a screen

With its "no screen" mode, Repaper can work independently using the battery (up to 6 hours use) and its integrated memory. Create on the fly, wherever you are. Import and view your creations on the device of your choice. Repaper is so lightweight and compact, you might forget you have it with you.

It is also a graphic tablet

Fans of digital media can use it in graphic tablet mode. With Repaper Stylus, edit and enhance your creations using your favorite software, on your PC or Mac.

Creative Suite

Affinity Designer


Paint 3D


Clip Studio Paint


MediBang Paint Pro

Why Repaper tablet?

Why Repaper tablet?

Your favorite tools

Accurate drawing

Time-lapse video

Mobile compatibility

Graphics tablet

Slide Repaper Ring™ onto your favorite pencil. Attach a sheet of your favorite paper to Repaper. Download the Repaper Studio application and start drawing. Your creations comes to life on screen, instantly.

Express your personality and style however you like. The Augmented Interaction™ technology digitally and accurately transcribes your drawings using 8,192 pressure levels. Apply pressure to your pencil to thicken or darken your strokes.

The Repaper Studio app records every step of your creations. Whether a sketch on the fly, a sudden inspiration or a technical drawing, share your creations as time-lapse videos (on e-mail, social networks, sharing applications, etc.)

Create on the fly, wherever you are. Repaper can be used with smartphones, tablets (Bluetooth®), PC or Mac. With Repaper's "no screen" mode, it can also be used independently running on battery (up to 6 hours of use) and its integrated memory. Then import and view your creations on the device of your choice.

Turn Repaper into a real graphics tablet connected to your Mac or PC. With Repaper Stylus (included), edit and enhance your creations using your favorite softwares.

Collaborate remotely with your favorite pencils and papers.

Grow your creative projects step by step with your customers, colleagues, partners... thanks to your regular videoconference platform.

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Repaper, from inspiration to creation

An optimal experience thanks to firmware updates

The iskn team is constantly working to optimize the Repaper performance, according to your needs. Our regular updates allow you to benefit from the very latest innovations. No need to buy a new product!

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Our partners

How could an ordinary wooden pencil become part of the digital world as easy as ABC? In 2019, Faber-Castell and iskn joined forces to set themselves the task of making the interplay with digital easier for all the creative types who are still fans of paper and pencil. Born from the know-how of two pioneering companies, Repaper aims to offer a totally new experience, combining the simplicity of pencil and paper with the power of a graphic tablet.

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The Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, is a museum of modern and contemporary art located in Midtown Manhattan, New York. It is among the largest, most important and most influential modern art museums in the world. Offering the most cutting-edge tech products to enhance everyday life, MoMA Design Store has been the exclusive distributor of iskn products in New York and Hong Kong since 2016.

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Mango is a French publisher of practical books, written and illustrated by professionals who put their knowledge, technical or theoretical, within everyone's reach. In September 2020, Mango launches 3 new books based on "365 jours de dessin" and "Le dessin facile", Lise Herzog's best-seller. Thanks to the Repaper tablet and its time-lapse video feature, each model is broken down into steps, entirely redrawn before our eyes, from the sketch to the finalized drawing.

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