Collaborate remotely with your favorite pencils and papers.

Your new collaborative remote creation tool.

Manage your collaborative projects with your favorite pencil.

Repaper is a real collaborative work tool: all your sketches, drawings, diagrams and concepts made on paper with your pencil appear in real time on the screens of your colleagues, customers and partners.

Optimize your time, free yourself from distances.

Repaper allows you to work together in a new work space: share and discuss your projects visually regardless of distances thanks to the screen sharing features of your usual videoconferencing solutions.

How does it work?


Slip on Repaper Ring™ onto your favorite pencil


Attach any sheet of paper to Repaper


Start writing, your creation will come to life on screen


Real time remote collaboration. Works with all video conferencing platforms.

Materialize your ideas with your favorite pencils whenever you want, wherever you are.

With Repaper, take advantage of creative moments to design your future presentations.

Share your creations remotely.

Present, discuss and annotate in real time.
Let the collective intelligence enrich your creations by freeing yourself from distances.

Make your projects come true.

Optimize and polish your creations with your favorite software.

« A graphics tablet like no other. I was able to keep drawing with a paper and my pencil while collaborating remotely. »
Rémi Huneau
Research teacher at the Ecole National Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble.

With your pencil...

Repaper Ring

...and your paper.

A tool designed for professionals

Instant on-screen visualization

A functional & free application


Your free visualization app

Repaper Studio

Use the Repaper Studio application everywhere to bring your ideas to life.

Layer management, use of various brushes (pen, pencil, felt pen, reed pen, etc.), pen 3D, image import, export to JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and MP4 (video) formats.

A graphic tablet mode

Usable with pens & pencils on paper, which open up your preferred professional suites - Google, Microsoft, Apple… & Teams, Zoom…

Collaborate remotely with your favorite pencils and papers.

Grow your creative projects step by step with your customers, colleagues, partners... thanks to your regular videoconference platform.

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