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    Repaper xLite

    drawing tablet

    The real feel of paper & pencil drawing with your computer

    The pencil & paper graphic tablet with all the essential features to create, collaborate and teach on a computer (Windows/Mac).

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    The essential in your hands

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    Pressure sensitive (8,192 levels)
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    Up to an angle of 70°
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    Accuracy of 0.07 inch
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    Customizable buttons
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    iskn pencil and stylus included

    Repaper Studio brings your inspirations to life

    With the Repaper Studio application, manage layers and drawing tools, import images, export your drawings and videos, share on social networks, …

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    Feature list

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    Multiple Brushes (pen, pencil, airbrush, wedge nib felt pen, chalk, marker, eraser)
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    Tool parameters (thickness, opacity, hardness ...)
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    Choice of colors (color wheel, color picker, HEX, RGB and HSV codes)
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    Format selection (landscape/portrait)
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    Layer management (up to 10)
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    Image upload (JPG, PNG)
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    Automatic recording of "replay" videos of your creations.
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    Exports in JPG, PNG, PSD (300 ppi / lpi), SVG (vector), MP4
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    Instant sharing on social networks

    With the device of your choice

    Create as you like with your computer

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    Paper and pencil with a display
    Your drawings in real time on screen.

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    With your favorite software
    With Repaper Stylus, create with your favorite applications.

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    Work wonders with ease

    One of them has to be your Repaper


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    8,192 pressure levels

    Laptop & Desktop Computer


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    8,192 pressure levels

    Laptop & Desktop Computer

    Tablet & Smartphone

    Battery life up to 6 hours (built-in battery and memory)

    iskn unites with Ecologi

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    We are partnering with Ecologi to finance the planting of trees and help secure the future of our planet.

    For each product purchased on the iskn.co website, a tree is being planted!

    All the questions you may have!


    • Why use a drawing tablet?

      The use of a graphics tablet has now become essential for computer drawing, illustration, graphic design or photo editing. Indeed, it brings ergonomics, comfort of use and fluidity of movement that digital drawing enthusiasts, as well as professionals, require for the creation of their digital works. With the use of the graphic tablet, composed of a touch tablet and a stylus, and after a time of adaptation, you will finally be able to draw quickly, with natural movements, far from the imprecision of a mouse or a laptop trackpad.

    • What type of graphics / drawing tablet should I choose?

      With so many models of graphics tablets to choose from, and depending on your budget, buying a tablet can seem complicated, especially if you're a beginner in digital drawing and discovering this new world. There are three main categories of graphics tablets, each with a wide range of brands and models:

      • The graphic tablet without screen: The most accessible with an attractive quality/price ratio for beginners. This tablet is the most affordable entry-level and mid-range solution to discover the world of computer drawing. Its portable size and integrated battery are significant advantages for those who wish to draw or train outside or while traveling. After a time of adaptation compared to traditional drawing since this type of equipment requires to look at the computer display to see what one draws, you can quickly begin to draw your most beautiful works in a simple and inventive way thanks to the options offered by computer drawing.

      • The graphics tablet with HD screen: With its integrated high-resolution screen, this kind of high-end graphics tablet provides instant visual feedback at the hand level, while being able to directly use drawing software tools. This type of tablet does have its drawbacks, however. Except for design or graphic professionals, its price-performance ratio is not optimal for most users, from the beginner wishing to discover the graphic tablets, to the occasional user for whom drawing with a computer remains a hobby, or for professionals whose use of a graphic tablet remains episodic. Moreover, its connection to the mains does not allow it to be used on the go.

      • The scanner tablet: This type of graphics tablet, still little known to the general public, really bridges the gap between the world of traditional drawing and digital. The scanner tablet allows you to put a sheet of paper on the active surface of the tablet, and, while drawing with your favorite pencil, your drawing is reproduced in real time on the software. This makes it the best tablet, with the best quality/price ratio, for the experienced drawer who wants to distribute or edit artworks digitally, while keeping the grip and the sensations of drawing on paper, without investing in an expensive tablet with a display.

      Regardless of the type of tablet, there is no "ideal" size. However, the recommended size is A4 (8.5 x 11 inches) or A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches). This is the format that is most commonly found on the market. But there is also a size that corresponds to an A6 sheet (4.1 x 5.8 inches) and even an A7 sheet (2.9 x 4.1 inches). It is up to you to pick the size of your tablet, depending on your preferences when it comes to the size of the drawing area.

    • What are the advantages of the Repaper drawing tablet?

      When buying an ISKN Repaper tablet, you're getting the perfect combination of conventional drawing and dedicated digital drawing software to save your sketches. Unlike other models, with this graphic tablet, you won't need time to adjust your hand-eye coordination between the drawing area and your computer display.

      Work directly on your sketch on paper, and it will be displayed directly and with great precision on the drawing software, thanks to the magnetic ring affixed to your traditional pencil. Since you will be using your usual drawing tools (pencil, pen...), you will no longer be afraid of losing or damaging your digital stylus, which are often expensive and sometimes less ergonomic than your traditional tools. Then export your drawings in JPG, PNG, PSD (resolution: 300 ppi / lpi), SVG (vector) or MP4 (video) formats and share them instantly with your friends.

      You can also configure multiple customizable and programmable shortcuts using the keys on the graphic tablet's frame. With all the advantages of a graphic tablet without a display, but still with the feel of pencil drawing, the Repaper graphic tablet is the ideal tool for beginners and experienced designers who want to go digital.


    • How does Repaper work?

      Our tablets are intelligent digital surfaces that function thanks to a unique technology, protected by 24 international patents.

      The tablet's magnetic sensors follow the signals of the magnetic ring to transcribe your strokes on screen.

      In addition, the Repaper tablets have 8,192 pressure levels to accurately reflect the pressure of the pen on the paper on the screen.

      The iskn tablets are used with their dedicated application, Repaper Studio.

    • Is the graphic tablet is compatible with any type of pencil and paper?

      With the Repaper Ring magnetic ring, use your favorite pencils, from the most basic to the most beautiful pencil in your collection.

      Repaper Ring comes in two sizes:

      • Size S (supplied with the tablet) compatible with drawing tools up to 7.3 mm (0.28 inch) in diameter.

      • Size M (with the Repaper Ring pack on our website) compatible with drawing tools up to 8.1 mm (0.31 inch) in diameter.

      For drawing, you can use any type of A5 paper (up to 180 gsm).

    • What are the differences between Repaper Faber-Castell and Repaper xLite?

      Repaper Faber-Castell and Repaper xLite are intelligent digital surfaces that retain the natural, unparalleled feel of pen and paper while taking advantage of the unlimited possibilities of digital technology.

      Faber-Castell Repaper is the most powerful tablet in its category, with three possible uses:

      - Draw & write with the Repaper Studio app on your computer (USB) or iOS & Android device (Bluetooth).

      - Draw & write with third-party software on your computer (USB).

      - Draw & write without a screen, without being connected to your computer or mobile device (up to 6 hours of battery life).

      Repaper xLite is used exclusively on a computer (USB), with the Repaper Studio application or third-party software.

    • Which devices are compatible with the iskn tablet ?

      Depending on the model of your Repaper tablet, see below for minimum requirements.

      Repaper Faber-Castell :

      • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra

      • Windows 10

      • iOS 11 and Bluetooth(R) Low Energy 4.0

      • Android 7.0 and Bluetooth(R) Low Energy 4.0

      Repaper xLite:

      • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra

      • Windows 10

    • What are the software compatible with Repaper?

      Repaper is compatible with all third-party software and applications (Windows and macOS) that work with a graphics tablet: drawing & animation software, text & PDF editors, presentation software, online collaboration platforms, video conferencing systems, etc.


    • Why do I need the Repaper Studio application?

      Repaper Studio is the application dedicated to iskn tablets that brings your creations to life and allows you to manage their different usages.

      With Repaper Studio, you can

      • draw & write,

      • import the creations saved on your iskn tablet,

      • configure your tablet according to your needs,

      • establish the connection with third party software to use your iskn tablet as a graphic tablet.


    • How to erase with Repaper?

      Repaper Studio is the application dedicated to iskn tablets that brings your creations to life and allows you to manage their different usages.

      With Repaper Studio, you can

      - draw & write,

      - import the creations saved on your iskn tablet,

      - configure your tablet according to your needs,

      - establish the connection with third party software to use your iskn tablet as a graphic tablet.

    • How to color a digital drawing with Repaper?

      To color your digital creations, you can use the color palette in the Repaper Studio application: color wheel, dropper, HEX, RGB and HSV color codes.

    • What are the buttons on the Repaper tablet for?

      The buttons on the Repaper tablets provide quick access to key features, independent of the Repaper Studio application.

      For optimal use of Repaper, these buttons have functions specific to each usage mode and can be set up according to your needs to be used on a Windows PC or Mac.

    • How can I use Repaper xLite?

      Repaper xLite is used exclusively on a computer (USB), with the Repaper Studio application or third-party software.

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