Drawing professions

What gift to give to a designer? The top 10 best ideas.

You are looking for a gift related to drawing, and you want to replace the traditional gift card from a culture or stationery store?

How to become an automotive designer?

Passionate about design and cars, have you always dreamed of becoming an automotive designer?

How to become a tattoo artist?

The profession of tattoo artist is in full expansion. It's a perfect business for artists. Find here all the advices to become a reputable tattoo artist.

How to become an architect?

Architect is a profession that requires many qualifications. Discover the tools and studies and find out how to become an architect

Attend Fine Arts studies.

To go to the Beaux-Arts" is a phrase that makes many aspiring artists dream.

Get into creative businesses.

It is important to realize that choosing a creative profession is first and foremost choosing a profession that you are passionate about.

How to become an illustrator?

Working in the field of illustration is a dream for many enthusiasts. If the artistic part found in the job of a comic book or manga artist, or the illustration, are the first thing you think of when you talk about making drawing your job, there are many choices you can make for your career.

How to become a designer?

Designing tomorrow's products, making drawing and creativity your profession, the designer profession is a dream for many creative people and hobbyist designers.

How to become an interior designer?

Interior design can be a real option for creative people who enjoy rearranging rooms, modifying and reworking furniture and decorative elements.

Case study Rémi Huneau - architect and research teacher

Rémi has long been looking for a simple and affordable solution to conduct his distance learning courses and recover the pleasure of teaching through drawing.

Fashion design: learn how to draw clothes

You want to work in fashion, become a fashion designer, and work with a team of designers, but you're still a beginner at making illustrations for haute couture or women's or men's ready-to-wear.

Product design with a graphic tablet.

Design the most beautiful objects thanks to digital technology and the graphic tablet!
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