Product design with a graphic tablet.

Designing products requires precision.

Whether to design consumer products, or to develop new innovative and creative products, the product designer must be able to make realistic sketches so that his or her creation can come to life in the form of an ergonomic and almost ready-to-use prototype. The design of objects therefore necessarily involves a representation, mostly computer-assisted. Having the right tools to carry it out is necessary to obtain the desired precision, so that the visuals are as close as possible to what can be obtained in reality. This finesse in drawing is usually only achieved by sketching in the most natural way possible, which may seem contradictory to the use of digital design tools, using styluses that are sometimes uncomfortable and have an unpleasant feeling on the drawing surface. Learning hand-eye coordination between the tablet and the computer screen is also a hindrance, as it is not easy and does not allow the designer to see the product design taking shape instantly under his or her fingers. However, with the right hardware, the design software and the graphics tablet can quickly help you get crisp, precise lines for your sketches, as well as organization options that will allow you to achieve the perfect prototyping for products that are aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and whose manufacturability cannot be questioned during your presentations.

The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet

The advantage of digital in product design.

The drawing tablet, the designers' companion.

Although the power of the computer and the software have become essential to obtain perfect line and detail accuracy, it is unthinkable to imagine this without the help of an adapted graphic device. However, the designer will quickly notice that the use of a standard graphics tablet requires a lot of work, especially for hand-eye coordination, between the work surface and the computer screen. As for the tablet with integrated screen, beyond its relatively high price and the impossibility of being able to use it everywhere, this one must be connected to the mains, does not allow to fully enjoy the sensations of the drawing with its smooth screen, which can enormously harm the creativity, the main engine in the design professions and the art professions in general. This is why industrial designers, creative people or inventors of new products, have naturally taken the habit of designing their objects upstream, on paper, and then reproducing them on the software thanks to their graphic tool. This is certainly a solution, but also a huge waste of time. However, with a drawing tablet such as the ISKN Repaper, it is possible to make the creative process more natural, by allowing the product designer to create graphic prototypes directly on a sheet of paper, itself placed on the touch surface. Thus, no need to go through a Bachelor's degree in product design, or in a school of applied arts, to use a graphics tablet. What you sketch on paper is reproduced directly on the software. For road warriors who like to be inspired by what they see around them, for a creative design concept, the drawing tablet can be taken anywhere. It can run on batteries, or even, as with the ISKN Repaper, save your sketches made away from home. The graphic pad scanner becomes the perfect tool for the graphic design of various objects, and can be used in all situations.

Design softwares.

Using specialized design software for product development, in order to innovate and accelerate the ideation process, is a great added value for designers of new innovative objects. If it is possible to use classical drawing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator to realize the global design of a product, opting for specialized software such as Rhinoceros 3d or Solidworks will help you go further in the user experience, and you will be able to detail the manufacturing process of your product more in depth. Thus, the mock-up modeling will be close to the finished product, thanks to the unparalleled ergonomics of these softwares, allowing to emphasize this or that part of the object. Obviously, quick feedback in case of error is also available on this type of software, making your work much faster and more efficient. Whether it is for industrial design, teamwork, or other areas of product design, although some technical knowledge is required to use this type of tools, they quickly become indispensable for project managers and product designers, in order to propose a functional object afterwards, thanks to precise and well laid out plans.

IT in product design and industrialization processes

Today, many sectors use IT tools for product design, which has become essential for sustainable development. From mechanical design in automotive design, to industrial product design, to engineering, creative and more innovative product design, all must have access to IT to create, share and present their products in order to be able to offer them to the largest number of people. Today, all businesses operate digitally, and you need to be able to send your design concept as computer files, sometimes halfway around the world so that you can launch prototype design or mass production once the work is complete. In the same way, the presentation of models to colleagues, or to potential investors, is now generally done directly on a large screen, and adapted tools such as a tablet allow to zoom in and out, to annotate, and thus to present clearly the different details of the product in question. Visual communication is always stronger to explain product design choices than a simple written file with too many unclear diagrams.


Designing a product and a packaging, and keeping a strong and precise visual identity for its creations requires the use of many graphic tools. That's why design and visual communication agencies use tools such as software and graphic peripherals, allowing them to distribute and sell their product range more easily. These tools also save designers time and give them greater ease and creativity when modeling their designs.

The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet
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