Repaper, the original pen & paper drawing tablet

Repaper graphic tablet, at a glance

Draw, sketch, take handwritten notes without limits.

True papers. True pens & color pencils. A tablet without compromises.

High performance tablet: accurate, real-time, tilt & pressure detection, pen hovering.

2-in-1: A real paper tablet that works with your favorite pencil. A paperless tablet that works with a stylus.

Works with your smartphone, laptop, desktop… and even standalone.

Real time remote collaboration. Works with all video conferencing platforms.

Your drawing tablet companion

A tablet to inspire artists

Create without limit with your favorite pens or pencils. Enjoy the simplicity of pencil and paper while taking advantage of the power of a graphic tablet. Be inspired. Draw, sketch just like you always have. Anywhere, anytime.

Keep your remote lessons alive

Retrieve the power to teach efficiently, with your voice & the support of your handwriting displayed in real time on your video conferencing solution. ​Be eloquent. Write, draw, sketch, annotate like you always have. Anywhere, anytime.

No stylus. Your favorite pens & pencils

A ball point pen, a color pencil or your favorite felt pen. Put Repaper Ring™ onto it. Repaper Ring is a smart magnet. No tricks, no electronics, no battery. No compromise.

Repaper Ring™

Repaper, the future proof multi-patented drawing tablet

Pen & paper

The only drawing tablet using real pen, pencils on any papers

Pressure Sensitivity

State of the art pressure sensitivity – up to 8 192 pressure levels

High accuracy

Your handwriting is accurately transcribed, thanks to 0,2mm of precision

Real time

Perfect eye-hand coordination without any lag (10ms)

Unique pen hovering

Unique pen hovering performance –up to 7cm above the tablet

Your paper sheets. blank. tiled. printed…

Use the paper you need or love. A magazine page or even tablecloth paper. Don’t compromise with screens that “feel like paper” or costly "proprietary" paper. No concessions.

Repaper clutch pencil, the long-awaited world premiere

2mm 2B lead included. Refillable with TK 9071 leads made in Germany

“The clutch pencil is the favorite writing instrument not only of technicians, business people and artists originally targeted, but also of countless graphic artists, fashion designers, bloggers and other creative people.”

Silke Bachmann, Head of Marketing, Faber-Castell

Find out more

Repaper Studio​ your free drawing tablet App companion

Download the free Repaper studio App on your preferred devices

Compatible with
macOS 10.12 min.
iOS 11 min.
Windows 10 min.
Android 7.0 min.

Enjoy essential handwriting & drawing features

  • Various realistic drawing & writing instruments, and papers
  • Realistic 3D pen cursor
  • Layer management
  • Image import ​
  • Several export formats: JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG​
  • MP4 drawing and document videos
  • Digital file sharing and social network posting

Use the paperless graphics tablet mode on PC or Mac with various softwares

  • Photoshop, Sketchbook, ArtRage…
  • Powerpoint, Slides…​
  • Zoom, Google Jamboard, Microsoft whiteboard
  • Pdf (drawboard, Kami…)​

Synchronize off-screen recorded handwriting with your devices

  • Previews
  • Downloads

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