the Slate

Give digital life to your paper creations

the Slate, a drawing pad that revolutionizes your digital art.

In creating the Slate, we wanted to combine the unique and irreplaceable experience of drawing on paper with the limitless possibilities of digital. You draw with your own pencils on real paper and your drawings instantly come alive on the screen.

Our challenge? Integrating into the digital world the feeling that comes with using real objects for an enhanced experience.

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"The Slate was love at first sight as a product that completely meets the selection criteria of MoMA: innovative, interactive, creative and open-ended!"

Emmanuel Plat
Director of Merchandising - Retail

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Imagink gives digital life to your paper creations

Intuitive and realistic, Imagink is a drawing application that was developed for the Slate on the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

It has drawing tools with unique effects—drawing pencils, markers, even reed pens—that faithfully reproduce the expressiveness of your drawings while conveying the emotion of your pencil strokes.

Export formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • SVG
  • PSD
  • MP4

“iskn’s Smart Sketching Surface Works Amazingly Well!”


“iskn Slate digitizes your paper doodles in real time using magnets!”

The Verge

“Ring turns pencil crayons' digital”

BBC News

“You can actually use your favorite pen or pencil and your favorite paper or sketchbook.”


Turn the Slate into a graphic tablet

The only multipurpose tool that’s compatible with all creative types! The Slate handles every stage of the creative process.

1) Die-hard fans of paper can go from a paper sketch to a finished digital version in Photoshop© (or any other software).

2) Digital junkies can use it in graphic tablet mode to work exclusively with their favorite design software.

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Give digital life to your drawings

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