Passion graphics tablet

The graphic palette: the ancestor of the graphic tablet.

Little known by the general public, the graphic palette was for a long time the only tool available to make digital drawings in the most natural way.

The importance of the stylus to draw well on a drawing tablet.

Why use a pen with your graphic tablet? We can help you choose and use the right stylus for your needs!

What are the different types of graphic tablets?

Many types of graphic tablets exist today. Discover their specificities and make the right choice of tablet according to your needs.

Why not be tempted by cheap graphics tablets?

We explain why, despite the temptation, it is not advisable to invest in a cheap graphics tablet, and which model you should consider.

How does a graphic tablet work?

Discover the functioning of a graphic tablet, and the specificities between the different types of existing models.

Comparison of the best graphics tablets.

When it comes to buying a drawing tablet that doesn't require hand-eye coordination, with the strokes taking shape directly in front of your eyes, as they would on a notebook or a conventional drawing pad, you can quickly get lost in front of the large number of devices available on the market.

Graphics Tablet Tutorial: How to get started?

When you want to start making digital drawings or retouching images on a regular basis, there is an indispensable tool in the daily life of a draftsman, illustrator, graphic artist or designer: the graphic tablet

Graphic tablet compatible with Photoshop.

Buying a quality drawing tablet requires a certain amount of money if you want to fully invest in digital drawing.

Drawing with a graphic tablet: tips and tricks.

Digital drawing allows many possibilities and the drawing tablet has become a must-have.

Paper tablet: what's the difference?

For many years now, the graphics tablet has become a part of the daily life of designers, graphic artists and other illustrators.
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