Repaper Studio, bring your inspirations to life

With the Repaper Studio application, manage your layers and drawing tools, import images, export your drawings and videos, share on social networks, ...

Download Repaper Studio

Create as you wish

Paper and pencil without a display

Draw anywhere & anytime you want, your creations are automatically saved!

Paper and pencil with a display

Your drawings in real time on screen.

With your favorite software

With Repaper Stylus, create with your favorite applications.

Compatible softwares

Multiple Brushes

Pen, pencil, airbrush, chisel pen, chalk, marker, eraser: a wide range of tools in your hands.

Set the parameters of your tool: thickness, opacity, smoothing of lines, ...

Select the color: RGB, HEX and HSV codes, color wheel or color picker.

See your drawing tool in 3D on screen.

Layers management

Create up to 10 layers. Organize, rename, change their superpositions, opacities or hide them.

Your drawings as videos

Thanks to the "replay" function, record, view, export and share the videos of your drawings with your colleagues and friends on social networks!

Export & share

Export your creations to other software in JPG, PNG & PSD (300 PPI), SVG (vector), and even MP4 (video) formats.

Quickly share your creations by email, instant messaging and on social networks (stories, reels, publications, ...).

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