Sybille Bader

Sybille Bader

My name’s Sybille Bader, I’m 26 years old and live and work in Berlin.

What is your relationship with art?

I drew since I could hold a pencil, art class was always my favorite and I never let go of this precious art making. I started being serious about watercolor and digital illustration when I wanted to make a present for my family members for christmas. I bought the cheapest watercolor set one could imagine and I kind of liked it. Soon I upgraded to better colors and better supplies in general and things really took off! I discovered, that I couldn’t be without a brush in my hands and the rest is history. Not long ago, I also discovered digital art and bought an Ipad to work with Procreate. This changed my whole process and style quite a bit, but it has pushed me to improve my skills and made my process more fun.

How did you find your style?

First, don’t stress about style! If you practice a lot and look at artists you admire (not copying them, obviously!), what you love about their style, you will slowly move towards ‘your own style’. You do you! I think my style reflects what I wish my reality to be like: Textures, all the angles and a dusty, vintage aesthetic, albeit the motives being cheery and cute.


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