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    The only pencil and paper graphics tablet to create, teach, collaborate and draw

    Faber-Castell Edition
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    The pencil & paper graphics tablet for mobile use with or without screen, at the office, at home or in the classroom. A Faber-Castell limited edition.

    Connettività e compatibilità

    • Laptop & Desktop macOS & Windows (USB)
    • Tablet e smartphone iOS & Android (Bluetooth)
    • Standalone (non collegato ad un altro dispositivo)

    Caratteristiche dell'hardware

    • Qualsiasi tipo di penna e matita (compatibile con gli anelli S & M)
    • Qualsiasi tipo di carta (fino al formato A5)
    • Senza carta
    • 8192 livelli di pressione
    • Batteria (autonomia fino a 6 ore)
    • Memoria incorporata
    • Slot per scheda di memoria Micro SD

    Repaper Studio applicazione gratuita

    • Modalità di disegno e annotazione
    • Modalitá tavoletta grafica
    • Modalità stand-alone senza schermo

    Nella scatola

    • Cavo USB
    • Clip
    • Anello
    • Stylus
    • Carta da disegno A5
    • Matita (Faber-Castell)
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    The pencil & paper graphics tablet with essential features to create, collaborate and teach remotely on a PC or Mac.

    Connectivity & Compatibility

    • Laptop & Desktop (macOS & Windows)
    • Tablet & Smartphones (iOS & Android)
    • Standalone (no device connected)

    Hardware Features

    • Any Pen & Pencils (compatible with S & M Ring)
    • Any Paper Sheet (Up to A5 format)
    • Paperless
    • Pressure Levels (8192)
    • Battery
    • Built-in Memory
    • Micro SD card slot

    Repaper Studio Free app companion

    • Drawing studio mode (with essential handwriting features)
    • Graphics Tablet mode
    • Standalone mode (sync your drawings)

    What's in the box

    • USB cable
    • Clips
    • Ring
    • Stylus
    • Pencil (iskn)
    • A5 drawing paper block

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