Getting started with the Slate

Quick Start Guide 3:43
Here you’ll find all the tips to use the Slate in the best conditions
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Charge the Slate

The Slate’s battery may be drained when you receive it.
Charge your Slate before using it for the first time.

Start Charging

Connect the Slate to your computer with the USB cable. The side LED lights up and blinks orange.

3 hours

Charge the Slate during 3 hours. Do not try to charge your Slate by plugging it to an AC adapter.

Finish Charging

The side LED shines orange continuously. Disconnect the USB cable.

Remove Magnetic Objects

Place all magnetic objects at least 20cm away from your Slate when using it.
Make sure never to place the iskn pen or ring near the Slate when turning it on and never to leave it on the Slate.

Download the app

Download Imagink

Turn on the Slate

Place the paper and clips

Place the sheet of paper or notebook on the Slate between the area limit points.

Do not move the sheet of paper or notebook while using the Slate.

Connect to a mobile device

Activate the iPad or iPhone’s Bluetooth®.

Launch the Imagink app downloaded from the App Store.

Make sure to remove all magnetic objects.

Switch to the Bluetooth mode by making a short push on the Power button : a blue LED will shine at the top showing the Slate is ready to be used with your iPad or iPhone.

Connect to a desktop computer

Connect your Slate to your computer using the USB cable included in your pack.

Launch the Imagink app downloaded from the iskn website.

Make sure to remove all magnetic objects.

The Slate will automatically start in the USB connection mode: a white LED will shine showing you the Slate is ready to be used with your computer and a notification will appear on your screen.

The Pen detection

With the Slate, you can write on a single sheet of paper or a notebook (up to 7 mm I 0,3 inch thick).
For an optimal experience, make sure that your paper or notebook does not contain metal parts (spiral binding, etc.).

How to place the Ring

Technical diagram

Micro USB port
ON/OFF button
Side LED: indicates the active mode (WHITE for USB – BLUE for Bluetooth – GREEN for Standalone)
Top dot button: Create a new page
Top button: Create a new layer
Front LED: indicates the Pen detection
Active area (indicated by 4 points)