Develop creative ideas in meetings.

Organizing creative business meetings is a challenge, whether for managers who want to find new solutions to their problems or for creative professionals who need to deliver a visual message. From engaging participants in working sessions to live demonstrations, this type of meeting requires innovative tools that everyone can use. The graphic tablet, with its numerous possibilities, undoubtedly meets these expectations, from the set-up to meeting minutes.

Presenting creative content live is a necessity for artistic professionals.

The advantages of a drawing tablet during a visual presentation.

Conducting a creative meeting can be perilous if the tools available to the facilitator are not up to expectations. To conduct an effective meeting in a creative framework, designers and art directors can now arm themselves with a graphics tablet connected directly to the drawing application, and present their designs and drawings to the audience in a dynamic and engaging way.

It is valuable for users, especially in a meeting where the objective of the meeting is to capture the attention of the audience, to be able to focus completely on what is being written and drawn, without having to worry about the result that can be seen on screen.

With traditional screenless tablets, handling can be complicated, especially in a meeting during which one can be regularly questioned while creating. It is thus very likely to lose the thread of this one, the black surface not providing any precise reference point to resume its handwriting or drawing. Choosing a drawing tablet, like the ISKN Repaper, can be an interesting idea, as it allows you to draw and write directly on a sheet of paper. Thus, it is only necessary to put a standard sheet of paper, or one adapted to the drawing, on the touch surface of the tablet, and it is impossible to lose one's reference points, the design taking shape directly in front of the user's eyes, like on a notebook or a drawing book.

The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet

Hand-eye coordination problems, which are common when using a graphics tablet without a screen, as the latter requires looking at the main monitor while working, disappear with the use of paper. Thanks to the magnetic ring placed on the meeting leader's favorite pencil, and the touch-sensitive and magnetically sensitive surface, the ideas created are transmitted live to the computer screen, which can itself be connected to a video projector. With the help of the graphic tablet and its versatility, making corrections live, or sketching new designs with a single stroke of the pen becomes easy and natural during your creative presentations. By returning to a standard screenless use, useful for the presentation, the graphic scanner tablet becomes the ideal tool to zoom and navigate on the most interesting items.

It also allows for many usages thanks to its interactive and immediate capabilities. Indeed, it allows everyone to draw, write or color their ideas, while sharing them with clarity to the rest of the audience, and this, without having to be trained beforehand. Everyone knows how to write and sketch directly on paper since childhood.

Present a graphical project to the uninitiated

An artistic presentation can also take place between the art department and other divisions of the company, which are entirely unfamiliar with the creative process. During such moments, it can be difficult to get your ideas across and the video export function of a tablet such as the ISKN Repaper can be of great interest. During the creation phase, the graphic artist or designer can record the evolution of the work being done on video, in order to broadcast it to the rest of the staff on the day of the presentation. The latter will easily understand the path that led to the final result and the decisions taken, and sending this video in the minutes will allow all participants to keep track of the work done and to be able to make an efficient summary of the session. Replace the obsolete whiteboard, the bulky files or the time-consuming software to modify an element, and make your meetings productive, active and interesting for your audience.

Making a workshop more creative: a new challenge for managers

Apart from the art professions, which are used to using drawing pad and giving presentations where creativity is at the forefront, other professionals can also promote group dynamics and make their meetings more attractive thanks to them. Developing creative ideas around an agenda, brainstorming or making presentations, the use of new technologies can easily become a lever to creativity and allow to exploit new approaches to succeed in conducting effective meetings, whatever the topics discussed. Facilitation techniques become innovative, and collaborative work can quickly be set up around entertaining and easy-to-use tools.

It is true that the use of a drawing tablet can be discouraging at first. One may wonder if everyone will know how to use it, and if it is necessary to prepare the participants to its manipulation. Drawing tablets such as the ISKN Repaper make it easy to learn how to use these new tools. With the paper affixed directly to the tablet, participants simply write directly on it, as they would on a notebook. The pen tablet becomes an interesting tool to engage your audience by making them protagonists of the moment, and by allowing each participant to develop his or her creative skills.

The graphic tablet: a vector of activity for your creative meetings

A creative brainstorming session allows the participants to come up with ideas. During the creativity session, the rules of the game are simple for each member: bring out his or her creative potential by being spontaneous, and generate original ideas during a collective brainstorming. Each ideation process must bring out an idea to solve a given problem. Brainstorming sessions are thus increasingly used in companies to innovate and demonstrate collective intelligence. The participants feel more involved in the project ideas, and this is why many creative workshops are taking shape. Created to stimulate and encourage creativity, and give free rein to imagination, they allow collaborative proposals to emerge, and to gather suggestions and relevant ideas in a very limited time.

Some activity ideas to do with a drawing tablet.

● Mind-Mapping

Without a doubt the most concrete use of a drawing tablet in a creative meeting is mind-mapping. It consists of creating a map of ideas, or mind map, that reflects the flow of thought. Starting with a problem to solve, and armed with a tablet for each work group, participants will place key words or drawings, sorting them and linking them together to form a web that allows them to understand the relationships between each. The graphic tablet will have its benefit, taking up less space than the many flip charts needed to carry out an activity such as this, and making it possible to present one's map to the other groups in a fluid way, thanks to the possibility of zooming in and presenting each group of ideas independently of the others. In addition, it will be easy for the user to colorize his ideas or erase them digitally in case of error, to add even more clarity to the final result. Thanks to the drawing tablet, this activity becomes fun for the participants, and a drawing is worth a thousand words. It allows to gather an important flow of ideas in a short time.

● Grouping of ideas by images

Quite similar to Mind-Mapping, the idea grouping by image allows to link images to a main idea, using ramifications in order to prioritize them into several groups. The difference lies in the limited number of symbols and images available to participants. This constraint can be beneficial, especially if your employees are afraid to express their own ideas, or are not used to thinking fully creatively. Vague symbols, in small quantities, can guide their proposals and boost their creative spirit. For this application, the graphics tablet, along with affordable software such as Repaper Studio, makes it easy to import symbols and images onto the layers, and to reposition and edit them naturally with the pen. The participants can then send their work by email, directly via the application, to the meeting leader, who will be able to refocus and structure the information by grouping the different works on a single file. He will then be able to synthesize the information by creating annotations on the fly.

All you have to do is be creative.

As we have seen, organizing a creative and atypical meeting is now possible if you have the right tools. Thanks to the drawing tablet, you will significantly increase the creativity of your colleagues while being able to replace a large number of cumbersome and expensive equipment in the long run. No more need to rent equipped and furnished seminar rooms to meet, you can now hold meetings in small places or from home if you wish. The accessible, versatile and playful side of the drawing tablet also makes the use of technology affordable for everyone, thanks to its format that combines paper and digital. All you have to do is develop activities, each more innovative than the last, in order to encourage people to speak up and produce ideas during the different phases of group creativity. Your brainstorming session will be a success from start to finish, and the decision making process will be easier to determine a future action plan for your company.

The simplicity of pencil and paper, the power of a graphic tablet
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