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Repaper, the latest Faber-Castell limited edition.


Repaper Offers

Repaper Tablet

The pencil & paper graphics tablet for mobile use with or without screen, at the office, at home or in the classroom. A Faber-Castell limited edition.


Repaper xLite Tablet

The pencil & paper graphics tablet with all essential features to create, collaborate and teach remotely, on a PC or Mac.

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Repaper Accessories

Repaper Clutch Pencil

The first digital clutch pencil.

Repaper Stylus

Use your Repaper as a graphic tablet.

Repaper Ring Pack

Pack of two magnetic rings to give life to your pencils.


Repaper Sleeve

The protective pouch you will want to use all day.

Slate Accessories

The Ring

The magnetic ring that brings your favorite pencils to life.

The Clips

The fixing clips for The Slate.

The Pen

Pens with digital power.
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