Drawing techniques and tips

Ten tips for quick and efficient note-taking

Synthesize information in the best way possible, and gain speed and clarity by following these ten tips for effective note-taking!

The art of sketching

What is a sketch? How to make it ? What is the ideal equipment? Discover the art of making your most beautiful sketches!

Learning calligraphy

Discover the history, tips and equipment needed to engage in the noble art of calligraphy!

The main drawing techniques on paper

Pastel, charcoal, graphite pencil, ... Behind all these names are hidden drawing techniques on paper. Discover them and learn to master them!

The best video games for playing on a graphic tablet

Discover the best video games to play with a graphics tablet and discover a whole new way to play and improve your performance!

Which drawing material to use?

Learning to draw requires proper equipment. That's why we give you the necessary gear to start drawing!

The history of drawing

Drawing has undergone many evolutions over time. Learn about the history of drawing and improve your creativity by drawing on the past.

How to learn to draw?

Learning to draw is a long process. Discover the tips to progress and learn drawing in a fun and motivating way!

How to draw a logo?

Discover thanks to our tools and tips, how to create an effective and striking logo for your customers or for yourself.

How do you draw a tattoo?

Drawing a tattoo is an essential step before taking the leap. Learn how to draw your own tattoo with Iskn.

How to make a cartoon?

Discover the techniques and steps to make perfect animations to create smooth and professional cartoons.

How to draw caricatures?

From the history of caricature, to the tricks to make them, discover the specificities of this particular art to draw your most beautiful caricature.

How to find inspiration in drawing?

Get creative again by discovering the tips that will help you find inspiration when you don't know what to draw.

How to find your drawing style?

Find your style to draw by following our tips and the accessories that will help you get there.

How to draw in 3D or in perspective?

Discover how to draw in three dimensions, and explore the different techniques used for 3D perspectives.

How to draw a character?

Learning how to draw a character is something that may seem obvious, but beginners are often faced with a disappointing result when they start not to copy a model, but to make their own creation.

How to create a comic book with a graphics-tablet?

If the Americans have their comics and the Japanese their mangas, when talking about comics, we first think of the great French-Belgian comics

How to create a Manga?

Manga has been popularized all over the world through mythical works such as Dragon Ball, One-Piece or Naruto, and many beginners want to learn drawing in order to create their own Japanese comic books.

How to draw a portrait?

How to draw a face? How to draw it with ease and with the right tools? Knowing how to draw a portrait is not easy and these are questions that the beginner illustrator quickly asks himself.
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